Tuesday, October 14, 2008

{Chili on a Chilly Day...}

I've never actually made chili! I haven't always been the hugest of fans - basically because of the bean content. BUT, I opened up my newest issue of Real Simple and there it was. A very tasty looking recipe for the cold-weather classic. So, I made it. And it was great.
My ingredients...in the background you can see my Krups food processor - without, I could not chop two giant onion and mince garlic.

I used the recipe "Chili for a Crowd" in the Nov. 2008 Real Simple. I added some extra spices and such for my flavor and heat - make it your own!

I also toasted thin slices of a baguette topped with olive oil, garlic salt, and oregano. A bit of sour cream and voila! A cozy fall dinner. Conor is currently on bowl #2.

The toasts kinda look like tombstones, ha!

Next up, autumn sugar cookies and cupcakes - stay tuned...


Julie said...

This looks so delicious. You must send the recipe. Do you have time for a chat via telephone soon? I can't seem to get a hold of you. Been thinking about you a lot! Love you!

Trish said...

Tombstones! That's great. I saw this recipe in my mag today also and was planning to make it! Good to know it's tasty!

Dianne said...

This looks yummy! I'm not a huge chili fan either, but this one looks awfully good.

Jemma said...

I love looking at your yummy pics! Thanks for posting!