Friday, October 3, 2008

{My loft...}

I'm moving from my downtown loft at the end of the month and thought I'd post a few pictures displaying my favorite things about it.

This is our dining area by the window. We have 15-foot ceilings, which are wonderful! This wall has some exposed brick and we live right in the Old Market district, so we have a pretty great view of old buildings, a restaurant's balcony seating, and other neat stuff. I will miss that...

These are my flower lights. I ♥ them. And, you can see my giant glass boot in the background - something else that I absolutely cherish!

We still don't know where we are moving to (yikes!), but anything will be better than constant parking tickets (downtown meters) and a crazy, drunk neighbor. She really is crazy.


Kendra said...

Your loft is cute! I would love to live in one. I also love the lights,if you don't mind me asking, where are yours from?

The Lavender Lily said...

I love that lamp! So unique and fun. I always wanted to live downtown (in Dallas), but we could never justify the high rents. So we slummed it for a few years and then bought a house. But I wish we had lived downtown for at least a year just to get it out of my system!

Anonymous said...

I love your loft! I agree with them, the lights are beautiful, I really love the chartreuse colored pillows!

Btw...I've tagged you :)