Friday, October 24, 2008

{These are a few of my favorite things!}

My lovely friend over at Wearing Mascara tagged me to post some of my favorite, without further ado (and because I know you are all dying to know, right?) here they are!

First off: clothing shops...
This is tough. I love JCrew & Nordstroms online. There are honestly not a lot of great places to shop in the Omaha area - so online stores are definitely my friend! My favorite is probably Urban Outfitters though...more affordable, more eclectic, and they sell great accessories and home accents as well! favorite place to buy furniture.
Target. That's it. All I can currently afford, not than I'm complaining. I love Target and all it has to offer. In fact, I think I shall go this afternoon. Another place I like to shop for furniture? My mom's house.

Trois...favorite city.
This is another tough one. I don't know that I could choose one all-encompassing place. I love Portland (Oregon) and Chicago so much...but I'd have to say Omaha, because all my friends and family are here.
Plus, Esquire did vote Omaha as one as having some of the best bars in the can't go wrong with that, right?

Number 4, my favorite SWEETS/Pastries...
I put these two together because I'm more of a salt girl, myself. And, while I do love making cupcakes - nothing beats a tiramisu from M's Pub downtown. Mmm. If you're in Omaha, go get one now. PS...this place is another reason I love Omaha.

Number favorite drink.

Easy! Champagne, of course! It is my namesake afterall!

Six: (you getting tired of reading all about moi yet?) Music...
I'm a big fan of almost of my favorites?
The Mathematicians

Next up, WORKOUT.
What is this word and what does it mean?

Finally...favorite coffee.
I'm sure you are all dying to know that......
DIET COKE is my favorite. Yes friends, this means I do not regularly drink coffee. I'm a DC fiend.

I am choosing to tag my friends Candi @ Dolce Chic & Jessica @ The Homebound.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for tagging me! I can't wait to get on this! :) This looks like a fun one!!!! Thank you for your sweet comment, we really appreciate it. I emailed you a second ago. Hope you're having a great day!

Muffy said...

This is a fun one!!!

thepreppyvegan said...

I love diet coke, too, but i have been trying to kick the habit for, oh, 16 years. Anyway, g'luck with the move. My only advice is to have about 5 bottles of champagne ready to drink when it's over.

Julie said...

I love you and I love all of your favorites as well. I couldn't agree more with all of them.

I would only add, H&M to shopping (which I know you don't have so that's kind of mean on my part), but I love UO as well. Probably my top but they are getting more expensive. Then to music, Of Montreal is my new fave. They are amazing live.

I've unfortunately gotten into coffee. Bad habit - for the pearly whites as well. Especially mixed with red wine.

Can't wait to see you and drink tons of Piper.

Anonymous said...

hey lady! i posted my list. this was harder than i thought lol! :)

Minti Mandi said...

i love diet coke too! i would always choose it over coffee any day. fun questions, thanks for letting us read about you!