Wednesday, October 8, 2008

{Why I ♥ Nebraska...}

I was tagged by Dolce Chic...she asks what five things I like best about the state I live in - Nebraska!

First off, my easiest answer - My Family. My siblings live in very close vicinity to me here in Omaha, which is awesome. My sister lives just upstairs, in fact! My parents are not technically in Nebraska, but they're so close we'll just count it!

#2. The seasons....esp. Autumn. While it can be tough to deal with 95 degree heat with 100% humidity in the summer and then the complete opposite: 0 degree cold with ice in the winter, I know I'd miss my changing seasons if I was away. There's nothing better than the smell of leaves burning on a crisp fall evening. Plus, it's kinda pretty to look at!

#3. Midwestern folk are nicer people! They really are quite friendly. I don't quite know how to explain, but there's just a little something different - maybe it's the clean air or all the beef...

#4. How undiscovered it still is....does this make sense? It's hard to explain, but there's a close-knit scene of people here that are into music, art, name it. But it's Omaha, Nebraska, so we're not overrun by the popularity of it all.

#5. The fact that while I love it, I can pretty easily leave it! You wouldn't exactly come to Nebraska for a getaway or to relax and enjoy the weather. So...I don't have to stick around if I don't want! Probably the oddest answer, but it makes sense to me, ha!

Kinda boring, I'm sure. Not that I don't love Omaha and whatnot, but it is Nebraska!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Piper for playing along, I enjoyed reading your answers!!!

I should have used your #1 as one of mine....don't tell my mom! :)

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE that pumpkin patch!

ckw said...

i'm so glad your family is number one on your list- cuz youhavae a great one-
we were glad you could be here in portland with the rest of your family and to gramma one last time-
luvya piper thanks for coming!
aunt carole