Wednesday, November 19, 2008

{Alright, I'm really back for good...}

Sorry, sorry...I've had the busiest past few weeks, but am back and ready to blog! With the holidays coming up, I'm going to have lots of fun stuff going on - cooking, baking, shopping, get the idea.

In honor of the upcoming gift season today I'm going to share a few items on my wishlist. Think Oprah's Fav. Things, but Piper-influenced instead.
I wish I could give you all each of these just like Ope, but alas, no sponsorship here!

First up, the Chanel Multi-Use Make-up palette in Lumiere Tendresse.
I've been waiting for new colors forever and voila - they are here!
2 glosses, 2 lipsticks, blush and 4 fabulous shadows.
This one is not the actual colors, but you get the idea. GET ONE.

The Alfred Hitchcock Signature Collection.
Been waiting on this one since last year, peeps!
Kidding, but I do love that you can watch his films over and over.
This collection has some great ones:
Strangers on a Train, North by Northwest, Suspicion
...and many more.

The Top Chef Cookbook.
I love this show.

Tartan: Romancing the Plaid.
Well, I do love everything Burberry.
It just seems to want to live on my coffee table.

A red Le Creuset dutch oven.
I really want an entire set, but the ol' dutch oven is kind of a catch-all.

And finally, a sleep mask a la Holly Golightly.
Too. Darn. Cute.

What do you want for Christmas/Hanukkah this year?


Cricket said...

love the holly golightly sleep mask!!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Piper, we are loving this post! The Tartan book is one we hadn't seen, and the sleep mask is too cute. (And desperately needed..aarrgghh!)

Thanks for popping by our goofy blog... we are so glad you did, because now we have seen yours and bookmarked it! We'll be back!

Grins & Giggles for the rest of your week,

Anonymous said...

Isn't chanel eyeshadow the best?! I love it, it goes on so smooth!!!'re on my blog roll so this is your award too! :)

The Pink Owl said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I appreciate it. I love your blog!

My boyfriend is from Nebraska! He graduated from Doane College in Crete and is a HUUUUGGGGEEEE Husker fan ;)

Aartee said...

I haven't really come up with a list...I think Christmas is going to be quiet this year but last year I asked for glasses and silly socks...I love silly socks :) I am loving that eye mask and the eyeshadows though!

Bethany said...

I love Le Creuset. It's the best for cooking everything. You must have at least one in your kitchen!

Sandie Sue said...

That mask is SO cute, I'm emailing you to find out where it came from!