Thursday, November 20, 2008

{Missed Eye Doctor Appt...}

10 minutes too late.
I can't believe it. I haven't been in like, oh, maybe 4 years.
I do wear contacts, by the way.
I actually have a feeling that after this next, rescheduled appointment
I will be able to see in ways I cannot remember.

Perhaps my poor vision is to blame for the time I gave Con a haircut.
That's right, a haircut.
It resulted in the nickname "Patchy."
I've got to write things down.
I went in, proud to be 20 minutes early...
only to find out I was scheduled at 3 rather than 4.

Oh well. I didn't have my signature sunnies with me - they broke (rather, exploded from the looks of it) in my purse.
I was told my pupils may be dilated and I'd come out like a bat, afraid of the sunlight.
So maybe it was meant to be?
I'll have to order new ones ASAP!

This entry looks like a Haiku.


Bethany said...

The sunglasses - amazing!

Aartee said...

ugggh I need to go in to get more contact lenses and I am SO dreading it!

Anonymous said...

That photo and the description of "Patches" is hilarious!!!
Cute sunnies!!!
Did I ask you about the ranunculus? I want to grow some, and I like the light pink ones with the green center..but am having trouble finding them!

MR style said...

your shades are awesome

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Oh my. This is *precisely* what yours truly did to Phred.

Except Phred had four legs; he was a GIant Schnauzer, and the disaster was all over his entire body before we mastered using the shaving/razor device thingie. He looked like he had been zig-zagged. He was so humiliated.

And the appointment issue? If we shared how many times we did that our sanity would be seriously questioned.

Grins & Giggles for a wonderful weekend,

Brittnie said...

That is so dang funny, did he wear lots of hats after the "incident?." You're TOO funny.

Kaylie said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe that picture is really your boyfriend! I love it!