Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This post is going to be entirely about my apparent lack of understanding of the purpose of the highlighter. That's right, the colorful little markers used for "decorating" notes, books, or other literature.

{Ah, highlighters.}

The reason for this stems from a class I'm taking. Actually, a particular student in said class. She likes highlighters. In fact, she pulls out a different colored highlighter everytime my instructor starts a new sentence.

Is she taking notes? Or is she merely highlighting lines across blank notebook paper? I believe it is the latter.

{I watched her highlight every line of her syllabus in a different color.}

Do people take notes on a syllabus? Really? Isn't it already in note format? I believe we call this an outline?

I think everyone has gone a little overboard on the highlighters. Please, stop abusing highlighters. My eyes can't take it anymore...


Cassandra said...

I see highlighting abuse all the time. I think certain users treat it like the toxic Magnum black Sharpie. It is a cheap high. I personally can't get enough of Paper Mate's felt colored pens. I can't go a day without my complete set.

Miss Anne said...



i personally only prefer the pink highlighter... and use it sparingly!

Belle said...

I think I might be in your class.

just kidding! Haha. I am that girl who highlights random unecessary things just to get through class without jumping out a window!

lepetitprep said...

I tell my students, "Wow, you just turned the page pink... but, did nothing to help you study."

Sarah said...

haha!!! This is too funny!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Hehehe, this made me giggle. My friend color-codes her entire planner with different color pens. It kinda creeps me out..I mean, I'm organized, but I don't have a diff. color pen for every class and org. I'm in!

Pink Maple said...

This post made me laugh! So true -there are always some people who go highlighter-crazy! When I used to go through the used textbooks at my law school bookstore looking for a fairly unmarked copy there were always some books where every single line was highlighted in rainbow colors!

Kappa Prep said...

Over highlighting is horrible. I mean it does not do one any good and is very childish. It is one thing to highlight notes before a test and make note cards, but it is abuse to hughlight an entire page!!

Callie Grayson said...

LOL!! i am completely in a giggle fit!
you are right. i don't understand high lighters for notes or marking in books (which i see all the time on the train, students highlighting what they just read)

I do use highlighters but on coding drawings.... i.e.
Furniture plan:
yellow to mark all the task chair,
pink lounge chairs
so I can take counts

electrical plan:
yellow for power (duplex)
orange for power (quads)
blue for data

like that. I see no purpose to mark up my perfectly printed books.

heatherdotcom said...

It's OHD (Obsessive Highlighting Disorder).

Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!

Aartee said...

I always bought a pack of highlighters but never really used them...The purple one was my fav :)

Maxie said...

I never know what to do?! Sometimes I highlight stuff on a computer doc so if i scan i see it, but unless it's a HUGE document or a book I don't bother with highlighting on paper.

Freck said...

What a cute blog!

Princess Freckles said...

Lol. I totally agree with you on this one! Some people spend so much time highlighting, I wonder if they are missing what the prof is saying!