Wednesday, January 14, 2009

{Worn-out Wednesday}

I hurt from Yoga yesterday. I suppose I should say it's "good pain," and whatnot, but I would be lying. No pain is good pain.

The temperature finally slinked {yes, slinked...I like to believe it actually feels bad about this} under zero degrees tonight. My response? Housebound, yoga-free, & waiting on dinner to arrive in the form of Conor. No, I'm not going to eat my boyfriend, but I am hoping he brings something home after work.

Lauren saved me from the cold today
& broug
ht gifts from across the pond!
The book is an old family fave {my friends will know it from the title!} & the candy is a bunch of hilarious {hello, Turkish Delight?} stuff you probably wouldn't find at the local gas station.

Thanks L & A!

Now, if I could just get someone to send this guy my way...
From CraftyHedgehog on Etsy!


Lacey said...

That candy looks like a fun souvineer! Does it taste like American candy or are the flavors "unique"?

And that dissected frog is too cute!

Aartee said...

LOL...YAY for no Yoga but I am so serious abt trying the Jilliam Micheals 30 day shred DVD it's awesome! London chocolate is the best :)

Sweet Soft Southern Thrill said...

The only Turkish Delight that I've ever had is awful! If you haven't had it, beware! Love the book though!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous you have turkish delights!!!! I'm sorry the temps are so low :(

Jules said...

omg is toodle, really tootle? have i been misspelling?? amazing. that is the first thing i saw when your page popped up.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

You know it is Jules! And yes, we do spell it wrong, but that's okay! Either way I know what TOOTLE {Toodle} really means!

Pug1 said...

I like the FLAKE chocolate! CHEERS! MICHELE