Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time to Relax!

Now that my research papers are done & turned in, aka out of my hands, I am ready to relax and have some time away from the books. I making lists, so I've come up with some things I would like to get done before I head back to school in August.

(ice cream & vampire books)
  • Finish reading the Sookie Stackhouse books,
  • attend each & every Waffle Cone Wednesday @TCBY. My favorite? White chocolate mousse yogurt. Mmm.
  • Hit the gym in the mornings - I was doing great before the wedding in May, but have definitely gained back any & all weight that was lost. Sigh.
  • Visit the Henry Doorly Zoo. Conor hasn't been in years either, & it IS one of the best in country, afterall!
  • Bake one of of this!
  • Visit Milwaukee - this is scheduled for the week before school & I can't wait!
What about you all - how are your summer 'to dos' going?
It's time for a midsummer check-in!


Callie Grayson said...

i am planning a road trip Indiana to Ohio to New York through Niagra Falls then on to Canada and then down Michigan back to Illinois
plus eat lots of ice cream and BBQ

xoxb said...

That cone looks so yummy! My summer to do's are all wedding things and I've been a slacker lately. I really have to get on it because my wedding is 6 weeks away now! Oy!

Lacey said...

One of my summer goals was to read the Sookie Stackhouse series too...unfortunately, they are still sitting in their bag, calling out to me each time I try to work on my dissertation. Sigh. I guess my primary summer to-do is getting my dissertation ready so I can propose in September, but all I really want to do is read, have picnics at the beach, and sew beautiful dresses with my vintage patterns.

P.S. I love the white choc yogurt at TCBY too...I get mine in a waffle bowl with granola and lots of berries...mmmm...I may have to go there tonight =)

l.v.b. said...

Pretty sure that my goal of eating the many dinners you cook for me has not been achieved. Chop chop

Pop Champagne said...

waffle cones is such a great invention. I would attend each and every waffle cone wednesday too!

McKenzie said...

My summer to-do list is practically untouched and the days and weeks are passing by WAY TOO QUICKLY!! Good luck crossing some things off yours :)

Kristin said...

How did I not know waffle cone Wednesday?? YUM!

Jessica said...

Visit Milwaukee?! I'm always surprised to see a Wisconsin destination on someone's to-do list! You may as well swing over here to Madison too, since it's awfully pretty this time of year. ;-)