Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Vegas Essentials

Have I mentioned I'm heading out of town Monday for a little Vegas getaway? This doesn't happen often for me, so it's a monumentous occasion. Poor college students can't just run off for a fun weekend whenever they please....sadly.

Everyone I know brings certain things along when they travel - here are a few of my "necessities!"
1. Magz for the flight. My mom bought me these (except for my sorority one, obviously). Yay, Mom!
2. Pretty shuz. These guys are coming along for this round....the little pink ballet flats are another Mom-gift that will obviously come in quite handy after wandering the strip for hours in pumps.

3. Travel-sized products: okay. I, like everyone else, prefer to use my cleansers & lotions of choice, but when traveling one must seriously get over it & pack lightly. I actually love Tresemme's hairspray, so the little travel sizes are always in my purse regardless. I also find that travel body washes & whatnot are a great way to try out potential new full-size purchases. My fave facial cleansers for trips are definitely cleansing clothes. Especially when slightly (to mostly) intoxicated.
4. ADVIL. Duh.
5. Mini champagnes & Toblerone. They make the Advil a necessity. And travel tolerable.
6. Two of your best friends. Obvs!
The bride, Meghan, is on the left, & my travel buddy Cassie is on the right.

Happy Friday!

Happy Earth Day!

I used to Earth Day. It meant that you got to leave school to plant trees and draw pictures of the Earth with sidewalk chalk in downtown. Paint trash cans to be placed around the city. Have a mini parade with all the other classrooms on the playground with your faces painted. I miss being a kid sometimes!

As adults we can still celebrate Earth Day - my plan?
Grilling out with some friends. I know, it doesn't sound eco-friendly, but we are using Cowboy Charcoal, which is! You can get it at places like Whole Foods and it's actually quite great.

What are you doing to celebrate? Taking shorter showers? Sitting around with the lights off? Just be sure to enjoy it, we only have ONE Earth!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


(from Assouline)
(I wish these were our bridesmaid's dresses.)
As I mentioned before, I'm getting ready to head to Vegas for a wedding next week. Wow, only 6 days away (so not feeling prepared). Anytime I go on a trip I make mental plans of outfits I own and those I'd like to add to my closet. Here's what I'm currently coveting.

  • This dress from American Eagle. Not the kind of place I frequent, but they have some cute dresses this season - and SUPER affordable.
(pretty Isla)
And I'm thinking this is a good hair style for hot days...can I pull it off without looking like a velociraptor? Probably not.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Catching Up

Since I've been out of the loop for so long, I thought I'd let you in on a few of my current faves. I tend to like to do that...
(Wow, I should sell this little collage to X-Rated. I think they'd appreciate my enthusiasm & want it for marketing purposes. Ha, ha.)
First up: X-Rated Fusion Liqueur. It's so cheesy, right? My friend left a bottle of this at my house after a party a few weeks back & I have to say it's delish. I drink it on the rocks w. a little splash of club soda. It's so pink. I wish it had a better name.
My personal fave: summer shoes! AKA, sandals & open-toed heels. Anyone living in the Midwest knows we had a long, awful winter. I love my summer shoes. Love them. LOVE THEM. I totes need a pedicure...

What about you all? Have you had this delightfully tacky pink concoction? Do you LOVE shoes? Of course you do!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've been MIA on the B-LOG lately. School finally caught up to me and prevented any extracurriculars regarding internet time. Well, except for online shopping & Twitter. A girl's gotta live. Anywho, I finally finished up projects for the semester & only have finals to contend with in a few weeks.

So much has been happening!
I had a birthday. And drank champagne, obvie.
And one of my presents was...

...that my friends came to Omaha for St. P's day. We obviously have no ability to take decent photos. But our outfits were festive.
I also partied it up in honor of my bride-to-be friend Megz 'til 6am, as you can see on the clock. April has been wedding month, as we've been throwing showers, going to bachelorette parties, and are headed to Vegas in a few weeks for the wedding. I plan on blogging the hell out of it.

I'm looking forward to getting back into my blog, so I'll be in touch with you all - yay for getting back into it!