Friday, October 29, 2010


(via Country Living & Martha Stewart)
One of my favorite holidays! Autumn, costumes, treats (in booze form for moi)'s just great. So tell me, have you darlings got costumes planned? I myself have a vampire-y zombie-esque thing planned. I'll do my best to capture an image or two from the festivities for Monday.

In the meantime, here's a great recipe for a Pumpkin Cocktail, courtesy of Market Fresh Mixology (fun book).

Happy haunting!

Monday, October 11, 2010


loving lots of things:
  • Fall in Nebraska - this year is particularly pretty due to warm weather. If I didn't live here, I'd really miss the foliage.
  • The Chloe Ethel satchel. Seriously, I need this bag. I've had dreams about it. Early Xmas gift anyone?
  • DDF Ultra-lite Moisturizing Dew. If you're oily or acne-prone like moi, this is the best moisturizer ever. Seriously, you will not be disappointed. Luvs!
  • The Big Bang Theory. Con & I have been watching it from Netflix. It's kind of stupid, but totally effing hilarious. I was taken completely by surprise.
  • And finally (last but not least), Cone-Bone himself. The ol' man o' the haus. Smoochies.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hey, guess what?!

Pipee shamed at lack of blogging!

I took a little bloggie break. Actually more like an extended leave of absence. Have been feeling slightly less than creative (AKA brain dead) for the past few months. However, it's October, my favorite time of the year, and I feel that a comeback is in order. Just a little FYI, if any of y'all give a pirate's booty anymore.
I may have also been partying myself out a bit. WHAT?

Stay tuned, my blog pets. I've missed you all!