Thursday, August 28, 2008

{Crayons and Frosting Shots}

to brighten anyone's day are always welcome, no? Well, I recently discovered that it is Crayola Crayon's 50th Birthday this year, yay! To celebrate, they have this great quiz posted on their birthday site that lets you guess the correct names of their current selection in the classic 64-box.

I did pretty well on naming the 'old-school' crayons. Some of the new ones are tricky. Absolutely fun though, brings back those memories of the first day of school and the smell and feeling of a new, fresh, untouched box of crayons. Sigh. Here- check out your crayon savy-ness: Crayola 64 Box 50th Birthday

Another silly thing I stumbled upon in my never ending hunt for new cupcake ideas...

Yes, those are frosting shots. And people pay money for them at bakeries. I supposed if you are one that ditches the cake and goes straight for the sugary stuff, then this is for you. If you're also willing to give in to a life of diabetes, well, go for it. Kinda outrageous, huh?

People never fail to amaze me.


jenni phur said...

I did well on the old names too! Makes me want to buy crayons, mm.

jess said...

Frosting shots! I don't think I could take that. The thought kind of makes me want to gag. I swear this country is out of control.
Your bro would eat them though.