Saturday, August 30, 2008

{Local Farmer's Markets}

are probably my favorite part of summer. I've really felt that I've missed out on them this year because of the rigors of Clinique (aka, no weekends off). Anyways, I'm with my family for the weekend, and whenever we're together, the best treats abound. So far today -

- my mom and dad's newest breakfast of champions. Plain yogurt, fresh peaches and blueberries. The granola is homemade from a woman named Kathy (at the farmer's market)that sells awesome granolas, muffins, and these really great granola bars that are peanut-buttery goodness. Anyways, possibly my new favorite breakfast treat. It was like dessert, my friends.

Since the first USC game of the year begins today, we're enjoying BLTs made with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, organic sprouts, and my dad's homemade bread and mayonnaise.

Summer tomatoes and thick-cut bacon. Mmaa, pig. Mmm.

The finished result with some SUPER hot radishes. De-lish!

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Anonymous said...

those sandwiches and tomatoes look so great. talk about summertime!