Monday, September 29, 2008

{Nighttime Snack} of my faves - popcorn (popped on the stove, of course!) with cream of chicken soup. It really is good, I promise. Try it - it's super easy. Open a can of cream of chicken soup, pour it in a bowl, heat it following? Voila! You have one of my favorite, tastiest treats.

Don't worry, I've got plenty more - Cheetos & ketchup, Twizzlers & diet Coke...


...was great. I got to see my grandmother one last time and spend some time with my family. Plus we were in the middle of (in my opinion) one of the prettiest areas of the country.

My aunt and uncle live in the Hawthorne District of Portland. Their house is great - they managed to put up me, my sister, my mom, dad and brother all weekend! The best part - it' about 50 feet from coffee shops, restaurants, bars, name it. It was lovely!

And of course, the coffee was fantastic and flowing abundantly. I have actually never drank so much in such a short period of time...

Anyways, now I'm home and thrilled to be here. I missed Conor.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I'm currently in the middle of PDX with my sister trying to get home from Portland. We had to make an emergency getaway for family back ASAP!

(Pic above via flickr user vj_pdx of the Portland Hot Cakes and Steak House...great name, huh?)

Friday, September 19, 2008

{Monique Lhuillier}

She's one of my favorite designers. When Conor's a big fancy pharmacist I'm going to wear on Monique Lhuillier. Hahaha!! That's funny, right? I just though I'd share some of my favorite looks from her fall 2008 Ready to Wear collection....mmm, fall.

She does the best damn job with color, texture and embellishment. I ♥ it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

{Dinner by Conor}

He made me dinner tonight. And let me watch Project Runway and Top Design. Actually, we're currently watching Top Design. Conor just said not two seconds ago, "You're not even watching so why am I?" Funny.

So, he made me pasta with vodka sauce. It was really good! He used this recipe: Penne with Vodka Sauce.

The finished result. Mmm. Here's a close-up.

And finally, the chef enjoys a martini, made by moi!

Lots and lots of vodka...

Sleep well, I know we will!


keeps my nights from being wasted away at O'Leaver's or some other bar. I look forward to my little shows. They allow you to zone out for that hour and be concerned not with economy woes and stock market downturns, but with whether or not Blair's new boyfriend is going to find out that she still loves Chuck. Much more interesting, in my opinion.
So, as I was watching Gossip Girl Monday night, it was much to my surprise that my favorite character on the show (Chuck, naturally) mentioned my favorite character EVER from another beloved television show. From PBS no less! Like any of these children watching the show would know of....Bertie Wooster from Jeeves and Wooster! I was thrilled. SO happy!
Look, he's so young!
Thank you Chuck, for making reference to the greatest character ever. Even if it was completely out of context.

That leads us to the fantastic Hugh Laurie. I'm glad I love House so much. It's so fun to see him on tv again, especially as one of the most successful actors in his genre. Congrats on your $400k an episode payday Hugh!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

{I &hearts Pink}

Shouldn't every girl, just a little bit?

Have to have a pink chandelier....this one is from a bakeshop in DC.

Here, a beautiful spread via Absolutely Beautiful Things...

Could I hang the pink chandelier over the pink bathtub? Maybe then it could be all in one room and Conor wouldn't have a heart attack. Via Making it Lovely.

Finally, a pink Smeg fridge. MUST have.

I'll admit, I love pink.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

{Ted & Wally's}

Ted & Wally's Ice Cream Shop in the Old Market of Omaha is a place I frequently overlook. Probably because I walk past it like, four times a day, everyday. Anyways, Cassie was in town today and we wandered around the antique shops in the Old Market and decided to stop in to the ice cream parlor. I forget how much I like ice cream.

She chose a chocolate raspberry yogurt (right) and I had the lovely lemon custard (left). Custard it lemon cream. Yum!

I had fun Cass, love you!

Friday, September 5, 2008


They're nice. The only bite or bark when they're mad and then they're over it. They love you, are furry, and look adorable. The make me want to be a better person...... Anyways, I really like animizzles (whoops, Snoop-Dogg talk).

I don't have enough of them integrated into my home's design.

First off, I love chandeliers. And the fact that there is a birdie 'holding' it up. Amazing. Wheeee, it makes me smile. Pic via {This is Glamorous}.

I LOVE these deer heads here! Otherwise a creepy thing (giant deer heads, that is) but very interesting and kitchy when used in the correct way, right? You can't really tell, but I think these are fake heads. No deer was hurt decorating this bedroom. Aaah!! There's a cat on the bed, animal overload!

Oh, whoops. That's just Ethan with Eight Bells, our derby party pinata.

Speaking of animals. My little party animal Cassie is coming to town this weekend!

Yay! She's so pretty.