Thursday, May 14, 2009


Or something like that. I'm honestly not really a do-it-yourself kind of girl, but it is summertime & I'm feeling crafty, or creative, or bored - I can't quite decide. Here are a few little projects to waste pass your time...

{egg plants!}
Grow a cute little window garden.
I'm not going to lie, mine did not turn out this well, & are therefore not for show. BUT, some started to germinate & were re-potted & are now doing quite well.
Here's how to do it!
{it's not rocket science}

{cheap, cheap aspirin!}
While you're on a roll, try an at-home beauty treatment.
Aspirin is great - it's a Sal-acid derivative, so is therefore a great exfoliator for your skin. Just put a few in your palm & dissolve with a couple drops of HOT water. Mash into a paste & add to a few tablespoons of your favorite "substance."

For dry skin - try plain yogurt, or aloe-gel.
For oilier skins - honey, water {use more aspirin for this option} or Cetaphil.

Smooth onto clean skin & let sit for however long it takes you to remember you have a face full of aspirin on. Exfoliate for about 30 seconds. Rinse & you're ready to go!
It's very deep cleaning & instantly improves your skin's texture. But, if you have an aspirin allergy, please don't do this. I would feel quite sad if your skin burned off.

Look at you! Going all green & DIY!
Now, have a bottle glass of champagne to celebrate.


Callie Grayson said...

so cute! will have to try.
and thanks for the asprin tip:) always looking for something to help with my dry flakey skin.

Miss Anne said...

i just saw this sort of thing on etsy this morning... except they were using porcelin egg shels... was so cute!

great "green" idea~!

Team Clancy said...

Twice since March I have planted seeds in egg cartons trying to be Oh So Martha. Both times, they dried out and never sprouted. I suck!

Pink Maple said...

The plant idea is green and cute - the perfect combo :)

The Pink Owl said...

I have heard of the aspirin mask before! I should definitely give this a try--thanks for the tip!

Gabby said...

The aspirin trick is new to me! I just might try it, thanks lady.

thepreppyprincess said...

These are new on us, and they sound like great home remedies! The little garden is incredible, and we're guessing yours is pretty good too.

Have a fab Friday Miss S&C!

Mable Cakes said...

That will be great for spring/summer!

jlc said...

Wow !!! I'm lovin the creativity!!

And question.. how do you get the "stories you might also like...." to pop up after your post?? Sooo cute!

candace said...

What about combo skin? Sorry I'm so complicated :)

Southern Belle said...

Left you something on my blog PJ=)

The Cottage Cheese said...

I love the seedlings in the eggshells and egg crate. So cute! Thanks for reminding me about honey. I used to use it on my face and it really smoothed my skin, but I somehow forgot about it. I'm going to start using it again.

Anonymous said...

I'll skip the planting, but will definitely be trying the asprin exfoliator. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Love the egg plants... I will have to try this for sure.