Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are all going to be eating well & enjoying the company of whomever you're spending the day with. I'm off to Iowa tomorrow to be with my family enjoy a huge turkey dinner {w. all the fixins, of course!}. Have a great & safe holiday weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holidays with the Crew

J.Crew, that is. Whoa, ho ho, aren't I clever?

Honestly though, I've always liked J.Crew, despite their ever-increasing price points, but this holiday season they've really stepped it up beyond their usual pretty pieces. I love how glam everything is - fur trims, sparkly clutches, silks, satins, & jewel-toned dresses. Love it all.
(via J.Crew)
Now, if I just had some fabulous parties to go to...

PS...I'm hoping to get my comment posting for your blogs figured out sometime this week - it's been super hard to be able to post on your blogs without being a creepy 'anonymous' creature - I will hopefully get this figured out ASAP!"

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I have to admit...

I think Dakota Fanning has grown up to be quite the lovely little lady. I used to think she was more on the "freakish child star" end of things until I saw her spread in Teen Vogue (my guilty pleasure). She looks gorgeous! And I cannot wait to see her on Friday in New Moon.
The dresses from the shoot are also pretty much amazing. My fave? This gorgeous leopard option that is going to be in Target (yes, TARGET!) in December. Thank you Rodarte.
How fun is this dress, seriously? I must own it.

As for New Moon, this still alone looks great. I would take 'Jane's' outfit for sure.
I am so excited.
Conor is taking me see it at a new theater (w. booze!) on Friday afternoon.
We have reserved seats, ha! What a guy.
{all photos via Teen Vogue}

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm {sort of} Back! And some cupcakes, too...

I am making a huge effort to get back to my blog this week. I've been really busy at school (end of the semester, yeehaw!) with studying & projects, so I will do my bestest.

I'm also still on the sad, dilapidated Macbook, but have discovered I can use Safari to blog. I hope this comes out okay.
Just to get restarted, here's a little action for the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book - aka, the Book o' Dreams. Custom-made Cupcake Car anyone? I personally enjoy the expressions on the drivers' faces. So bizarre. I want two.

Or maybe just one for my mom, cuz it's her BIRTHDAY.
Love you Mom! Go "sip some Bacardi, like it's yer berfday," says Sir 50 Cent.