Thursday, March 4, 2010

Taggity Tag!

I was tagged by Gabby @ Gabby She Wrote to open up my first photo file, dig out the 10th picture, & tell you the background on the little doozy.
This is my brother at a USC tailgate in Lincoln, Nebraska. He has donned a Trojan helmet from his days in the 'SC band & it fixing the antenna on the top of our RV. Ha ha, RVs are funny.
(Wow, I look crazy, guys!)
I thought you needed one of me as well, so here I am on Easter a few years back looking for eggs at my mom's house. She did not have any, as evidenced by the look on my face.

I encourage any & all of you to join in - I look forward to seeing your photos!

Monday, March 1, 2010


I am in the process of attempting pommanders for the bridal shower I'm throwing in a few weeks. I am THE single more horrid pom-maker in the world. Have any of you made these beasts? Tips? What am I doing wrong? They look super gappy. Do I need more tissue? Should I give up? Have a pom-bonfire?

The Corners of my Home...

Or apt. Whichever. My mom took me shopping yesterday. I got a few items...
  1. New lotus flower candle holders. I love lotus flowers.
  2. A giant white pineapple that, once unwrapped, turned out to be a candle (I thought I was hallucinating the pineapple scent - afterall, it is ceramic) alongside some spray roses from Conor.
  3. New pillows to brighten up a not-so-new sofa. They're black & white. Surprised?

Enjoy your Monday. In the words of the wise Bob Costas, "and now, the always enjoyable giant inflatable beaver..."