Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spoiled Rotten (a dog box review)

Well, I signed my dog up for a monthly box subscription. I can't quite justify jumping the gun on one for myself, but Lola...that's another story. Although,  it's absolutely for me too.

I chose to go with Spoiled Rotten from Pet Flow. It's really amazing & a great value - the first month was only $19.99 ($24.99 after). Sure, you could run to your big box pet retailer & get items to give your pup, but there is something quite lovely about receiving a snail-mail box of things you'd never even realize existed. Or maybe didn't think your four-legged friend would enjoy. I know that I assume she's into certain things.

WELL COLOR ME SURPRISED! Lola likes hollow plastic bear-shaped toys! And, as I've nicknamed them, Sleepy Treats! Then again, she also enjoys eating fur clumps & dryer sheets. To each their own.

I highly recommend this box - I read reviews & am happy we chose it. Lola-approved, & Con was even intrigued (he generally approaches what I deem exciting with the enthusiasm of a geriatric at an AC/DC concert).

Overall value of February 2013 box: + $45

  • Luther's Treats SOUL - hard cookie treats w. lavender. Lola & the geriatric dog Maggie that lives with us both enjoyed these. Apparently in dog world they are duck-flavored.
  • Clear Conscience Tender Beef & Cheddar Sliders - I would have eaten these.
  • Ark Naturals BREATH-LESS Brushless Toothpaste Mini Dog Treats - I don't love giving Lola breath/teeth products yet since she's so young, but Maggie ate the shit out of these...& she needs 'em.
  • Bright Bites Single Spearmint star-shaped treat - see above...we did feed this to Lola last night in a moment of desperation to keep her busy. She inhaled it in like 3 minutes. Approved.
  • Nutrisca Salmon & Chickpea Stew Canned Dog Food - eaten by ol' Mags (Lola is on puppy chow only). She loved it, then barfed.
  • Silver Dog Charm Key Chain - will provide review once Lola learns to drive & therefore needs a keychain.
  • Gimme Gummies - aka HOLLOW BEAR. We stuff it with a mix of peanut butter & Lola's kibble. Loses her damn mind. And it is TOUGH - has held up well.
  • Natural Balance Turkey Food Roll - haven't tried this one yet!

You can order one for the furry creature in your life here: SPOILED ROTTEN

PS...Lola is really obsessed with hollow bear. BFFs.

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