Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Long time, no see.

My effort to have a blog has been a bit of a failure. However, some things have changed - namely, I moved away from Nebraska, so I'm attempting to get back into this thing. Mostly I thought it'd be a way for my family to see what I'm up to - a good way for them to waste a few minutes of their day.

With that I'll get back to it! Some pics of what's been happening in my life lately - rather than type it all up.
Milwaukee has a lot of great food - Classic Slice, Alterra Coffee & bloody marys everywhere (always served w. a mini beer, always).
LOTS of travel - I spend a large majority of my life flying over Lake Michigan or slinking through O'Hare International (note: while I do enjoy O'Hare's neon light show, I'm kinda feeling the Detroit effort is a bit more entertaining - if you've walked through both, you know what I mean). 
Lola, who is now 5 MONTHS OLD!, is definitely the center of the universe. And it's winter in Wisconsin, so I'm learning to ice skate. Also, we've encountered more snow creatures in this city than I've ever seen in my life. Here is C with the Snow Pope in St. Francis @ the seminary. Maybe he'd be a good candidate for Pope. Looks like a happy guy.

Stay posted!


Brandon said...

Welcome back!

l.v.b. said...

The best is back!!

Andie said...

yay! good to see you back! Lots has changed for me, too. :)

Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!! Do you remember me / my blog? I stopped blogging years ago but kept you in my google reader & am so excited! I hope all is well - please blog about how you decided to change your life, move, etc. I am from the East coast & would love to learn more about the midwest. :)