Thursday, April 25, 2013

Current skincare routine

I get asked this on a daily basis as a skincare company executive. No, I do not strictly use my company's products. Yes, I truly believe in them. However, as a former Sephora cast member, there is absolutely no way I could ever just use one brand's products. There are too many to love! And these choices of mine will probably change in another month!

I love the feel of this Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser. I don't know that for $45 I would pick it again, but it's been a nice change. I'm super oily & acne prone, so it works for moi.

Got to have exfoliation in your routine - I use my Clarisonic about every other day, so I need some gentle exfoliation & brightening on the other days. Representin' F.A.B. with Facial Radiance Pads! Try them, I promise you'll love them.

I am a huge Kate Somerville fan. I really like her Dermal Quench, but it's a bit pricey to buy both that & the CytoCell P299, so I had to choose one or the other during the last Sephora V.I.B. (discount) event. This CytoCell serum is lovely - great for fine lines & texture.
 Also, I love Caudalie as a whole & this moisturizer has been great for my oily, redness-prone skin. No bells & whistles, just moisture & antioxidants. This is a product I've repurchased more than once. Always a good sign.
 Finally, the mask/special occasion treatment. We all need one of these for that stressful day or upcoming event. Borghese is a classic - I did a lot of research & chose their Fango active mud mask. It's worth the price tag & lasts FOREVER. The sponge is key for easy removal. This big guy travels with me on long trips. In fact, I plan on using it tonight here in Columbus, OH.

Take care, brown bear!

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sounds pretty good. thanks for share your review. i will try this moisturizer.

Dr. Pradeep,
Dermatologist Pune