Friday, December 18, 2009

Stocking Stuffers {under $20}

Ever in need of a last-minute gift? These are fun & cheap options that you can afford to have on hand. And pretty much everyone would enjoy them - unless they're a grinch, of course.
How about a reusable coffee mug? I love this ceramic one from Amazon.
For the friend that's always loaning out their latest reads - a fun way to ensure they'll get them back.
These pictures frames can be tacked up anywhere - I love their fun, chunky style.
My friend Cassie turned me on to these fabulous glosses. Tingly & icy, in flattering wintery colours. And 4 for under $20? Such a good deal.
Kate Spade's 2010 Planner. I love the illustrations - colourful, classy, & full of whimsy. can get your very own right here! I will be giving away a planner to a lucky reader of my blog. {That could be you!} Just leave me a comment & I'll select the winner on Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays, & good luck!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Favorite (guilt-free) Wintertime Snackies

Snacks are the best.
And since it's especially important around the holidays to keep the snacking healthy (hello, gravy), please enjoy a few of my faves!
1. Nestle Cocoa Mix (I get the fat free, calcium added kind). At only 25 calories per mug, make sure to toss in a giant marshmallow for another 25. This is my favorite evening treat. SO warming & cozy.

2. Pink Lady apples + sliced mozzarella. I especially the Pink Lady apple because it's super crisp & tart. With the mild mozz. it's a great, satisfying snack.

3. Clementines are one of the best-tasting snacks around. Citrus is great this time of the year & a big crate of these will last all week long. I love being able to toss one in my bag & run off to class!

4. Gingerbread! I love it. LOVE IT. With this recipe for Gingerbread People, two big cookies is only about 112 calories. I also like the Gingersnaps from the store. Crispy, spicy, yum.

5. Want to know what the gingerbread tastes great with? Frozen Cool Whip. I love to eat Frozen Cool Whip (the fat free one) all by itself as well. It's so delish. Try it. You'll love it. Ice cream-flavored air, ha!

Happy snacking!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fancy Theaters

Does your town/city have one? We just opened up a new theater here in Omaha {which is where I saw New Moon, as a matter of fact!} which features cocktails, lunch/dinner options, & wonderful seating.
{Luxurious, 1st-class seating}
We chose to sit in the balcony (no dinner served up there) because we were able to reserve our own seats online. No searching for an empty set of chairs in a dark theater anymore! It was wonderful. That and the cocktails. Did I mention the cocktails?
{Yes, Chuck, that's an ad for 'The Squeakquel' in the background}
You simply press a little red button & voila! A waiter at your service to prepare your drink of choice. I think we managed to get through about 4 bloody marys each in a 2 hour movie. Of course, you can also simply hit up the bar, which happens to be on the way to the restrooms.
{Our bartenders, working hard in Vue, the balcony's bar}
The verdict? I would go again.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Wonderland!

I only say this because school has been cancelled for today & tomorrow. Yay! This actually resulted in a final being cancelled next week for a once-per-week class. Me = Happyface.

So, lots of you have super cute pictures on your blogs of your 'outfit of the day.' Here's my super fancy (not at all cute) digs:
{To those of you that know me, yes, I wore Uggs today. Yes, I'm aware of the horror. I had no other option.}
I look like I'm eating my camera. Dorky.
Anyway, it's literally raining snow. Really, it looks like it's pouring down SNOW. For those of you in Chicago - it's heading your way, so prepare yourselves. I'm glad I stocked up on champagne & vodka at the store last night.

My snow-day plan is to catch up on blogs & study. To those of you in the Midwest - be careful! To everyone else - I wish I was you.