Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Update from the road...

A lot of the same here - hence no real update last week. HEY HEY! Look, it's me! Did you miss my face? How do people take pictures of themselves? This took me, like 4 tries.
Got some glasses - Con hates them. Thinks I'm trying too hard. Welll, I guess I'm doomed to a life of trend-free style, ha ha. What else, what else? Ah, the family I'm squatting with had a St. Patrick's day party. I contributed these (obviously amazing - look at them) cupcakes.
Not a lot else to report to my you, my peeps....
Travel continues...last week Pittsburgh (seemed cool enough), this week: Detroit! I like to think of the roads here like the Autobahn (I think I hit 89 mph today) - it's one broke-ass city, so I'm guessing the lack of police presence is due to a lack of funds to pay for them. Next week it'll be Indianapolis, a city I've never visited...contain your excitement, please.

Keep it real, harbor seal.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spoiled Rotten (a dog box review)

Well, I signed my dog up for a monthly box subscription. I can't quite justify jumping the gun on one for myself, but Lola...that's another story. Although,  it's absolutely for me too.

I chose to go with Spoiled Rotten from Pet Flow. It's really amazing & a great value - the first month was only $19.99 ($24.99 after). Sure, you could run to your big box pet retailer & get items to give your pup, but there is something quite lovely about receiving a snail-mail box of things you'd never even realize existed. Or maybe didn't think your four-legged friend would enjoy. I know that I assume she's into certain things.

WELL COLOR ME SURPRISED! Lola likes hollow plastic bear-shaped toys! And, as I've nicknamed them, Sleepy Treats! Then again, she also enjoys eating fur clumps & dryer sheets. To each their own.

I highly recommend this box - I read reviews & am happy we chose it. Lola-approved, & Con was even intrigued (he generally approaches what I deem exciting with the enthusiasm of a geriatric at an AC/DC concert).

Overall value of February 2013 box: + $45

  • Luther's Treats SOUL - hard cookie treats w. lavender. Lola & the geriatric dog Maggie that lives with us both enjoyed these. Apparently in dog world they are duck-flavored.
  • Clear Conscience Tender Beef & Cheddar Sliders - I would have eaten these.
  • Ark Naturals BREATH-LESS Brushless Toothpaste Mini Dog Treats - I don't love giving Lola breath/teeth products yet since she's so young, but Maggie ate the shit out of these...& she needs 'em.
  • Bright Bites Single Spearmint star-shaped treat - see above...we did feed this to Lola last night in a moment of desperation to keep her busy. She inhaled it in like 3 minutes. Approved.
  • Nutrisca Salmon & Chickpea Stew Canned Dog Food - eaten by ol' Mags (Lola is on puppy chow only). She loved it, then barfed.
  • Silver Dog Charm Key Chain - will provide review once Lola learns to drive & therefore needs a keychain.
  • Gimme Gummies - aka HOLLOW BEAR. We stuff it with a mix of peanut butter & Lola's kibble. Loses her damn mind. And it is TOUGH - has held up well.
  • Natural Balance Turkey Food Roll - haven't tried this one yet!

You can order one for the furry creature in your life here: SPOILED ROTTEN

PS...Lola is really obsessed with hollow bear. BFFs.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Long time, no see.

My effort to have a blog has been a bit of a failure. However, some things have changed - namely, I moved away from Nebraska, so I'm attempting to get back into this thing. Mostly I thought it'd be a way for my family to see what I'm up to - a good way for them to waste a few minutes of their day.

With that I'll get back to it! Some pics of what's been happening in my life lately - rather than type it all up.
Milwaukee has a lot of great food - Classic Slice, Alterra Coffee & bloody marys everywhere (always served w. a mini beer, always).
LOTS of travel - I spend a large majority of my life flying over Lake Michigan or slinking through O'Hare International (note: while I do enjoy O'Hare's neon light show, I'm kinda feeling the Detroit effort is a bit more entertaining - if you've walked through both, you know what I mean). 
Lola, who is now 5 MONTHS OLD!, is definitely the center of the universe. And it's winter in Wisconsin, so I'm learning to ice skate. Also, we've encountered more snow creatures in this city than I've ever seen in my life. Here is C with the Snow Pope in St. Francis @ the seminary. Maybe he'd be a good candidate for Pope. Looks like a happy guy.

Stay posted!